Grace profiel

Grace Catherine Kingswood (2nd januari 1985, Birmingham, England) is the eldest daughter of Amelia Malfoy and Edmund Kingswood. She is the eldest sister of Xavier, Collin, Blair, Crystal and Bryce.
From September 1996 until Juli 2003 op Grace attended Hogwarts in Slytherin and was the best friend of Julie Sutherland. Grace fell in love with Julie's boyfriend , Martin Lewis. After Hogwarts Grace and Martin become engaged and Grace gets pregnant. This is the end of their friendship for Julie. In 2009 Blair, Graces' sister get's bullied by Julie who is at Hogwarts for business.

In Juli 2010 Grace gives birth to her first daughter Isabella. After her she get two more children, Gage Martin, in 2012 and Mila Grace in 2016.