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Elizabeth Catherine Rosemary "Lily" McDylan (21 May 2016, St. Albans, England) is the first daughter of Blair Kingswood and Derek McDylan. She is the older sister of Charlie and Vicki.


Lily is born two months after her cousin, Ryan Weasley and they pretty much grow up together. Even if they live far from eachother, Lily's mother Blair makes sure Lily and Ryan see eachother as much as possible.


In 2027 Lily starts attending Hogwarts together with Ryan. Both Lily and Ryan get sorted into Ravenclaw
In her second year she tries out for Chaser on the het zwerkbalteam. Her mother is a great rolemodel to her. In the summer before her fourth year, Lily receives a letter that she made Quidditch Captain When she sees Ryan however, he tells her that he received a letter just like it.

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They ask professor Flitwick about it and he tells them that they need to work as a team.

Lily's best subject is Transfiguration and in her third year she chooses Ancient Runes and Arithmancy as her non-cores.
She is not allowed to have apparition lessons in her sixth year yet and instead she takes them in her seventh. Together with Ryan she becomes a Prefect and in her last year she becomes Head Student.